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May 25, 2009

Tiny randomness

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I have to say, being a tiny is wonderful!
There is so much to see and do and all the ‘normal’  things look different too.

I will post some impressions on a semi-regular basis 😛

eek look at that scary biggie!

eek look at that scary biggie!


May 20, 2009

reporting from SL

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I have been traveling in SL, with different avatars and have found that the tiny worlds are quite amazing. That’s why I decided to do some  “reporting” as a tiny, my own way of course.

Having been called a monkey, I decided to go as a reportermonkey and here’s what happened:

tiny adventures part 1

… to be continued

May 15, 2009

bzzzz plop pweep … time goes by fast

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I haven’t posted anything for a long time, but finally.. here is a new post, about time going by and all (well lots of it) that happened.

We have moved around a lot, in SL as well as the rest of the internet, from lovely quiet sailing sims, to strange things all around and just plain fun.

Time pasing in Second Life

Time passing in Second Life

December 10, 2008

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Another Chapter in the book of Second Life

We decided to move again and have found a wonderful plot on mainland.

Phill has built us a spacestation/hamsterhousewithtunnels and I’ve just been goofing around.

March 9, 2008

Second Life, as seen in different colours

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SL in Blue

I was browsing through my SL pictures and found there’s lots of different colours. Here are some impressions in colour.

SL in Red

In green, of course there’s some Mowgly Soy and Greenies!

SL in Red

March 2, 2008

The story of Phill and kai in space… part 2

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I’m just playing about a bit in psp, doing what might look like a comic. It’s still about our explorations in an SL space sim.

The last installment, I did one picture comic, which you had to click on. This time I’ll paste several pictures. All thumbnails, so, please click one by one to see 🙂

comic2b    comic2c    comic2a

comic 2d    comic2e

February 22, 2008

The story of Phill and kai in space

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One of our explorations took us to a spacestation. This is the short story of Phill and kai, spacecadets

space Phillspacekai.jpg

Boy, are we adventurous! (click to read)


February 21, 2008


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Since I am at work, but don’t have a hole lot to do at the moment, I decided to go and post some pictures from explorations in SL (there are lots more pictures to be seen on my flickr pages).

Usually we (Phill and I) end up in places other people recommend, sometimes we go on a wander and just randomly walk around sims.


Greenies, one of the most amazing places in SL. Little green aliens, lost in a big world with new things.

At Swaffe and Jammy’s playground :D. Don’t think we’ll ever grow up.


And that’s just a compilation of things we get up to.. of course this isn’t all we’ve done, but I’ll write some more as time goes on.

February 19, 2008

seeing how things go

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As both Phill and I start to learn more about this blogging business, we’re trying out some things.

So I might as well post a little tidbit here and say: we’re going into business together (in SL) and it seems to be lots of fun already 😀

plasma custom designssnogging

February 17, 2008

O.0 this is still here

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or should i say YAY?

I think I should get back to posting here. So much has happened! SL has become even more a part of me, but I think i’ll write about that later, first things first: I need to find out how this all works 😀

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